Monday, August 2, 2010

last vacation post.

Here is my last installation of "what Sara made on vacation," featuring Cucumber-Tuna Salad Pitas:

For lunch on July 28, I made Scott, his friend J, and I Cucumber-Tuna Salad Pitas for lunch.  I made a few substitutions (sour cream instead of plain fat-free yogurt; bread instead of pitas; no tomato to please Scott).  This turned out GREAT.  I didn't know that Scott will eat tuna salad type stuff, so I was excited to hear that he was completely willing to eat it.  Granted, it's canned tuna slathered in mayo... but you gotta take what you can get!
One of the highlights of this recipe: FRESH PICKED CUCUMBER!  Thanks, Aunt L!  Also, I really think the red onion makes the flavor (although Scott might not agree).

Anyway... I'm officially back home - but only until Wednesday when I leave for a conference.  So, I'm making one meal tonight, but that'll be it until Sunday.  Good thing I am ahead of schedule for the recipes!  I WILL attempt to keep up with running even while I'm at the conference, but it's going to be rough.  I'm already behind on running: I've missed my last two runs!  Yikes!  Today after work I'm planning on running, and then I can go again Wednesday AM before I hit the road.  Hopefully having taken so many days off won't come back to bite me this evening (weather: 82 degrees 62% humidity - pretty great for my first run back in the south!).

I know I've been slacking on Trashy TV Tuesdays, as I haven't had a TV, but I'm all caught up on the Bachelorette... who is excited for tonight's finale?  I AM!  Although I have a feeling it won't end up this way, I'm definitely on TEAM CHRIS! .. or at least "team make Chris the next bachelor," haha.

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