Monday, August 23, 2010

sweet tooth.

Sunday's dinner was Scallop Pad Thai.  Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job of photographing throughout the cooking process.  The ingredient list on this baby was LONG, which was intimidating, but it was actually quite simple!  The sauce was delicious and included my favorite ingredient ever: FISH SAUCE!  Haha.  I will say that once again, the bay scallops were not nearly as tasty as sea scallops... so in the future I'll make sure to always get sea scallops!  I will also say that this is the first time I've eaten and enjoyed bean sprouts.  I think when they are cooked and mixed in they are great... I'm just not as big of a fan when they are raw and piled on top of a dish.

On Monday, I had a total sweet tooth.  I had some chocolate chips.  I had a snack-sized Oreo McFlurry.  And then, for dinner, I had Pork Chops and Apples.  It's more of a fall dish, but school starts in a week so I was feeling in a fall-esque mood... even if it is still very humid and summery here!  First I mixed brown sugar and cinnamon with apple slices.
Then I bakedit all with the pork on top.
Not the prettiest meal, but the flavors were fantastic!  I love baked apples, and this was a very dessert-y dinner: perfect for my sweet tooth!

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