Tuesday, August 17, 2010

running update

So, I haven't cooked any new food since Friday's crab cakes, but I'm hoping to change that today!  I wanted to update you on the runs I have been doing, though!

Friday I went out of town, and I knew that it probably wouldn't be feasible for me to go running on either Saturday and Sunday.  So, after checking into my hotel on Friday evening I went down to the hotel gym.  They had really fancy treadmills - the kind with your own personal TV.  So, I spent my run catching up on the newest season of the Jersey Shore.  I love the Jersey Shore.  My TV has been out for about a week so I've been missing all my trashy TV!  Haha.  Anyway, I really tried to challenge myself on the treadmill, and let me tell you, it was HARD.  I had 3.5 miles to go, and I started off at a 10 minute mile pace.  I tried to increase my pace to 6.5 (9:13 min/miles) for part of the time, but also had to slow down to 5.5 (10:54 min/miles) for part of the time.  I also had to press the pause once to get some water, I was parched!  But, overall I made it 3.5 miles in 34:33, for an overall pace of 9:53!  I was sooo proud of myself for running faster than a 10 minute pace, I immediately went up to the room to brag to Susan.  Who proceeded to tell me how fast she ran her 15 miles earlier that day, but that's ok :-)

The rest of the weekend was NOT well suited for running, so I'm glad I ran when I did!  This morning M and I set out to run 2.5 miles bright and early.  I didn't sleep particularly well, and I woke up with my leg already hurting... yikes.  M was also hurting a bit, so we were not feeling terribly optimistic.  Luckily for us, we hit a red light 5 minutes and 10 minutes into our run, so we got two short (20 second-ish) breaks to catch our breath and stretch.  After that, we managed to push through and finish our 2.5 miles in 27:51 - an 11:09 pace.  This was just a smidgen faster than last week's 2.5 mile run which was at 11:22 ... so I'm pretty proud of us!

Now I'm waiting for the Direct TV guy to fix my TV so I can resume my normal trashy TV habits ... oh, and maybe go into the office at a reasonable hour today, haha.  I'll hopefully make it to the grocery store soon as well, so I can have a nice full week of delicious meals to share with you!


  1. congrats on the great treadmill run! nice pace :)

  2. You did have a good run!! haha. And an even better weekend. :)

  3. I am super jealous of your 9:53 pace as I am a major slowpoke! That's awesome. :)