Monday, August 9, 2010

chicken quesadilla deliciousness.

Tonight for dinner, I made a ridiculously delicious Chicken Quesadillas.  I can't find the same recipe on Betty Crocker's website, but I think the (fat free) refried beans are what made this recipe so delicious.  Very quick and easy too!
The downside to this recipe is that, while low-fat, it's not very healthy.  Unless you count the chunky salsa, there were no vegetables at all!  Next time I'll probably sautee peppers and onions to add in.
In other news, I had an interesting trip to the grocery store today.  First, I got there with my list and realized I had no pen or pencil.  Do you know how difficult it is to shop with a list, but no writing utensil to check off what you have and don't have?  Then, I went on the hunt for chutney.  I have never bought chutney before, but my first guess was that it would be with the jelly and jam... but no.  I looked through the condiments section too (like near the ketchup and mayo), and which point I realized: I don't actually know what chutney is.  Google informed me later that it is "a condiment similar to relish, usually made with fruit, sugar, and vinegar".  I'm still not sure what aisle of the grocery store the chutney is in, but I'll have to go back tomorrow to figure it out!

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  1. Ooooooh those quesadillas would be so amazing in my stomach right now.