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About Running with Teaspoons

Hello!  My name is Sara, and I write "Running with Teaspoons."  This blog was started in April 2010 with two goals: running and cooking.

Running:  Throughout my life, I've tried to become a runner several times, but something always got in my way - the weather, being busy, or an injury.  In March of 2010, I decided I wanted to give running another try.  Knowing I was prone to injury, I decided to take it slow this time.  I found a friend who was also relatively inexperienced with running, and we set some goals together.  We started by doing intervals of walking and running until we were able to run a full mile without stopping.  Eventually we were able to work up to running more than a mile without stopping, at which point we started to use Hal Higdon's website to develop training programs based on races we signed up for.  Since then, we've run several races, including the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC in both 2011 and 2012.  Here are some recaps of other races:

-UNC Chapel Hill Alpha Delta Pi Ron-a-Thon 5k, 9/26/2010
-PVTC Cranberry Crawl 10k, 11/20/2010
-Ramblin' Rose Durham Half Marathon, 10/16/2011
-Hot Chocolate 15K in Washington DC, 12/3/2011

Cooking:  I get great enjoyment out of making delicious food for friends and family, but I don't have much experience cooking.  After watching the movie Julie and Julia, I was inspired to find a cookbook to cook my way through.  I am also trying to become more health conscious and make good choices when it comes to eating.  So, I chose to cook my way through Betty Crocker's 300 Calorie Cook Book: 300 Tasty Meals for Eating Healthy Every Day.  I finished 175 of these recipes in about 8 months before deciding I had had enough of Betty.  It's a great book - but I was running low on things that sounded fun to make.  Since then I have been cooking old favorites and new recipes from a variety of cookbooks and posting whenever I have the time and try something new!

Other things about me:  I'm not sure what else people would like to know about me!  I'm a PhD student, and I like to think of running and cooking as my way to get a little stress relief from school!  I am addicted to multiple mindless TV shows, such as the Bachelor/the Bachelorette, and will likely blog about them.  I'm also a huge sports fan - specifically the REDSKINS and the Terps (and, in the last few years, the Capitals, the Celtics, and the Red Sox), so I'm likely to blog about sports sometimes!