Saturday, November 27, 2010

last week, in review.

 To finish up what I cooked the week of 11/15-11/19...

Caramelized Pork Slices: Scott really enjoyed this!  It was pretty easy too.  Brown sugar and molasses makes everything delicious.  We had this with a side of rice and green beans.
Pesto Chicken Pizza: Yum!  I really enjoy making these pizzas.  This one turned out delicious - the right amount of pesto without overpowering the pizza.  I'm finally getting the hang of making the crusts myself on the pizza stone ... I just can't seem to get my pizzas to be very round, haha!
Pork Tenderloin with Rosemary:  Sad but true: I made this last Thursday night so we could have it for lunch last Friday and it's still in our refrigerator. I wanted Chipotle.  My willpower isn't strong.

And, as promised, a recap of my 10K!
M and I went to Hains Point in Washington DC for our very first 10K.  Our longest run during the training program was 5.5 miles, so we had another 0.7 to tack on, making it the longest run either of us had ever done.  Based on our training, I knew I wasn't going to be able to run the whole distance without a walking break, so we decided to set my watch to do 10 minute running / 2 minute walking intervals.
The morning was chilly, and when I got out of the car in long pants, a t-shirt, and a track jacket I was feeling under dressed.  I was wishing for gloves, a hat, or earwarmers... but we had none of the above.  Luckily, I have felt this way before at the start of a run and I knew that after a mile I would feel appropriately dressed.
The race was a 5k/10k and the 5k started 10 minutes before us.  I realized that this meant that anyone who wasn't 'serious' about running would be running the 5k... meaning there was a very legitimate chance we would finish dead last in our 10k.  I reminded myself that we weren't trying to break any records, and that the goal was to cross the finish line, not beat anyone!
Before I knew it, we were off.  I was worried about starting off too fast and losing steam so we were sure to not sprint away, and soon we were towards the back of the pack, but not dead last.  The first 10 minutes felt great and I probably didn't need the walk break right then, but I also wanted to pace myself.  After our walk break, we were fairly close to dead last.  Oh well.  We started running again and managed to pass some people that had jogged past us.
The course was basically 2 laps around Hains Point and as we neared the end of our first lap, there were people on the sidelines cheering us on - "almost done!"  I wanted to hurt them.  Haha.  They didn't know we weren't running the 5k I guess, but we were not almost done.. we were almost HALF done.  At this point I realized I had not been in any pain from my foot - AWESOME!  I had been worried because on my run Tuesday and the prior Saturday (we  took Thursday off) I had definitely felt significant pain in my right foot.
I was feeling awesome about our progress at the halfway point and we stopped for about 20 seconds to get some water.  The next mile wasn't so bad for either M or I.  I guess 4 miles is officially a "good" distance for us.  Around the start of the 5th mile, M was definitely hurting.  "I don't know if I can run for 10 minutes anymore" she said.  Usually, M is doing just fine, I'm whining, and she has to be my cheerleader.  This time I was feeling pretty good and tried to be a cheerleader for her.  We were doing so well!  We only had like 2 miles left!  We made it to walk break #5 and I was so excited we had been going for an hour.  Last push of running, I told her.  We had less than 10 minutes of running left before we would be at the finish line. 
So we started interval #6, and I immediately wanted to die.  I was just done.  My muscles were not listening to me as I told them to push on.  I begged her for a chance to walk and she told me no.  Finally, we saw Scott and my friends K and D (D had run the race to, but finished 10 minutes before us) cheering us on a little ways before the finish line.  Usually, I like to sprint to the finish line and finish as strong as possible, but I really was spent.  And then the unthinkable happened.  As we ran towards the finish line, we saw that THE FINISH LINE HAD BEEN DISASSEMBLED! What the hell?!?  I guess park police had come and told them there was some problem with their permit, and made them TAKE DOWN THE FINISH LINE.  So we ran up to where the finish line had been, approximately.  Talk about anti climatic!
Other than the finish line snafu, though, I have to say I was really happy with our time and the race overall!  Hains Point is a beautiful, flat course, which I think might be part of why my run was so pain-free.  And, what I know you are all curious about: my time was 1:07:34, which is about a 10:50 minute mile pace!  Pretty awesome considering we walked 2 out of ever 12 minutes!  I'm so proud of M and I and am definitely excited to sign up and start training for the 10 miler :-)

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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