Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm exhausted today. Exhausted, but mostly on track. As I'm sure it was for most of you, eating healthy over Memorial Day Weekend was tough. Being away and having other people prepare/serve food limited my control, which was mostly okay. Three things were challenging for me: (1) dessert... how can you pass on dessert? Even having only a few bites, it's easy to end up over my calorie budget for the day, (2) low fiber - with other people providing food, I found myself eating almost no beans and all white bread/pasta, so my fiber intake TANKED, and (3) wine... I can say I'm going to have just one glass, but what are the chances? Even with those three challenges, I think I did alright this past week.

As you can see, I was way over budget on Saturday and Sunday, but I still managed to drink almost 100 oz. of water, do my all of my P90X3 workouts, and get >10,000 steps. I gained 1.2 pounds from Friday morning to Tuesday morning, but am down 0.4 pounds today (Wednesday AM) and I think there may be some additional factors contributing to the fluctuation beyond the Boston Cr√®me Pie and 3 glasses of cabernet sauvignon from Sunday.

Last week I was able to get myself in gear and go to spin class on Tuesday - woo! It was great to be back; I sweated SO MUCH and felt good afterwards. I meant to go again Thursday but I was drained from work/not sleeping enough. This week I thought I'd go yesterday, but once again I didn't get up and do P90X3 in the morning and couldn't fit them both in at night, so no spin. I'm hoping to go Thursday, but I'm really struggling to get up and workout, and if I do, I'm tired after work and the idea of spin is not so appealing. It's kind of silly, because even though I am consistently happy I went after I go, and I know that in the moment where I'm choosing to skip, I just can't will myself to do it anyway sometimes. (You would think as a clinical health psychologist I'd be able to get myself out of this, right?).

As for healthier eats, we made a lighter version of buffalo chicken spaghetti last week which was awesome and a Skinnytaste recipe - cheeseburger casserole, which was not our favorite, but wasn't bad. We made my MIL a modified version of this pork noodle stir fry over the weekend, so between leftovers from that and last week, I'm off the hook for cooking dinner all week long! Already starting to look towards next week (6-12th), I think I'll try to make a few vegetarian things because Scott will be traveling for work.

Next week, some of my P90X3 workouts require a pull up bar. Which I don't have. I also don't have resistance bands or a good place to anchor them once I buy them, so, if anyone has brilliant suggestions for modifications, I'm all ears :)