Tuesday, August 3, 2010

trashy TV tuesdays: the bachelorette is over!

If you have the finale on DVR and haven't gotten to it yet - don't keep reading!

Last time I had a Trashy TV Tuesdays post, we were down to Kirk, Roberto, Frank, and Chris.  Kirk left - which was sad but not shocking.  However, after watching "the men tell all" last week ... I think he might be the next bachelor.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Frank leaving was ... drama, but, I'm glad he left.  Something was always kind of weird (annoying?) about him, so oh well.

I was realllly pulling for Chris tonight.  But her romantic connection with Roberto - the way she gets all giddy and smiley... it seemed unlikely that she would want to say goodbye to Roberto.  If it wasn't completely obvious to you throughout the season, you HAD to know what was coming when she said... I have a date with Chris tomorrow and I know I should go but I can't, I just can't leave Roberto.

Oh man.  Poor Chris!  He's the greatest.  He was so sure!  "When I propose to Ali.." and "when we are married... I'm going to cherish her and tell her I love her every day."  It's terrible that they made him film him saying all that before Ali showed up to break the news.  But there it is.  Chris took it so well... telling her good luck and thank you and telling her that she's amazing.  He's so sweet.  And then he saw a rainbow... oh man.  I might have gotten tears in my eyes.

But, to be fair, Roberto's speech about wanting to make her happy forever and share his life with her was pretty good, and they seem ridiculously happy, so that's good.  I hope they stay together and stay happy - unlike the vast majority of bachelor/bachelorette couples.

Other highlights: Elton John's Can You Feel the Love Tonight coming on at the end ... I almost forgot they were in the Lion King together.  I love the Lion King.  I wish I could pop in the DVD right now and watch it.  What a good movie.

So ABC has yet to announce who the next bachelor will be, but various articles have suggested that Chris is open to the idea but not completely sold.  Kirk might be dating someone; Ty is somewhat controversial... so that leaves Chris or a random guy.  Let's hope it is Chris!

That's all the trashy TV talk I have for now, but I am looking forward to ABC's spinoff show The Bachelor Pad!  I'm particularly excited to see Tenley, and find it hilarious that so many of the crazies from the past few years agreed to come on the show!

No cooking or running today AND I'm feeling under the weather... fingers crossed that I feel better tomorrow to go for an early morning run before I head out of town for a conference!  

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