Friday, August 6, 2010

i'm in love...

... with the treadmill!  Haha, maybe. I've never been much of a treadmill user.  I've probably been on a treadmill less than 30 times in my life, and 20 of those times were to speed walk on an incline.  Whether it was for wakling or running, though, I have never been a big fan.  I always felt like my plantar fasciitis acted up more on a treadmill.  It only took about 5 minutes before I was in too much pain to keep going.

To be fair, I've also never been able to run very far without significant pain until this spring when M and I began to run.  So, I decided it was time to give it another try.  I have to say, I might be in love.  It started out rough: I picked a treadmill with a subpar view of the TV and didn't bring my iPod.  After a 4-5 minute warm up at speed 5.5 (10:54 minute miles) I decided I needed a different treadmills.  I found one right in front of ESPN and settled in to watch the ESPYs!  I did another 6 minutes at 5.5 and then ramped it up to 6.0 (10 minute miles!).  In my head, I thought, ok I'll do this for 1 mile and then slow back down again.  But I was feeling GREAT - so I stuck at the 6.0 for 15 minutes and then ramped it up to 6.3 (9:31 min/miles)!  I stayed there for about 5 minutes and then thought I would slow down to 6.0, but I accidentally pressed the big "STOP" button.  Oops.  I immediately started up again, and this time decided to push myself and went all the way up to 6.7 (8:57 min/miles).  I could only maintain it for about 1 minute before I wanted to die, so I tamed it back down to 10:00 miles to finish out my run (about 4 more minutes).  Not counting my 4-5 minute warm up on the other treadmill, I went 3 miles without stopping (well, without stopping on purpose.. whatever)!! Which means I actually RAN 3.4ish!  I then pressed the 'cool down' button on the treadmill which did 3 one minute intervals at successively slower paces... first 4.5 (13:20) then 4.0 (15:00) and finally 3.5 (17:08).  As I cooled down I realized that trying to walk on the treadmill actually makes my feet hurt more than running on it... not sure why.

We'll see how sore I am tomorrow, but right now I'm feeling AWESOME.  I really needed a good run too - after my crappy run Monday and then being sick and not working out most of the week, I was really feeling down about my running ability.  But now I'm a superstar - I averaged just over 10 minute miles for over THREE MILES.  Which means even if I've missed a few runs in the past two weeks, fitness-wise I'm on track.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a run on Sunday morning before I head back home.  After that I should be able to get back into the swing of things with both cooking and running... but for now I'm going to have some take out Thai food! YUM!

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