Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bean enchiladas

For those of you who might be curious, my Tuna-Feta Salad was delicious!  I loved the flavor combo of red onion and red wine vinegar... and I'm definitely a fan of white beans!

Tonight for dinner I made myself Bean Enchiladas.  I got to use my blender to make the sauce:
... which is still new and exciting to me!  Then, I chopped up green pepper:
to mix with ricotta cheese, beans, and a few other things for the filling:
Next, I put half of the sauce in the bottom of the pan.  I put the filling into tortillas, wrapped them up, and put them into the pan.  I covered them with the remaining half of the sauce, and then topped it with shredded cheese.
Baked for about twenty minutes, and that's it!
Turned out delicious!  The only thing I would think about changing in the future is mashing up the pinto beans.  Maybe it's just because the refried beans were so delicious, but I think I like mashed up beans better when they are in dishes like enchiladas.  Otherwise, yum!!

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