Thursday, August 26, 2010

meal #100!!!!!!!

M and I had 2 miles to run today, and let me tell you, it was ROUGH.  I feel bad because I'm sure she could have run quite a bit faster without me, but I was struggling.  My shins were sore!  I don't ever remember having sore shins from spin class, so I'm not sure if that was the reason or not.  But this was my first time trying to run the day after a spin class, and I definitely felt stiff.  I can't even blame the weather, because although informed me there was 96% humidity, it was in the 60s and the weather felt great.  Thank goodness we only had to go two miles - it still ended up taking us 23:28 which is an 11:38 pace.  Oh well.  I just hope my legs feel better for my four mile run this weekend!

After I iced my legs for a while, I cooked up some Tomato-Basil Chicken for lunch!  This is meal #100 PEOPLE!  GET EXCITED!  I'm 1/3rd done with this cookbook, can you believe it?  This quick and easy meal was very satisfying, with whole wheat egg noddles, tomato, onion, and chicken.
I think in this situation, the more garlic and basil the better.  It was a good meal, but nothing super special.  To be fair, it probably would have been way more flavorful with red pepper sauce.  I have red pepper sauce, but I COULDN'T GET THE JAR OPEN and eventually gave up.  So it goes.

After prepping lunch, I moved on to prepping dinner: Turkey with Wild Rice, Squash, and Cranberries (woohoo #101).  Mistake number one in this recipe was buying a whole butternut squash.  Last week I couldn't find a whole butternut squash and bought it cubed and pre-peeled.  I had no idea what a help that was.  Butternut squash is nearly impossible to seed, cut up and peel!  Seriously. 
I finally got it chopped up, but I gave up on peeling it and ended up just using my knife to try to get pieces of squash away from the skin.  I made a total mess of my kitchen in the process, too.
So, I ended up with way less squash than I intended for the recipe, but whatever.  Then I went to get out my turkey breast to put in the slow cooker, and found out that I somehow instead bought sliced turkey... you know.. like lunch meat.  I'm an idiot.  Whatever, I threw some sliced turkey in the slow cooker with everything else and reluctantly left it to cook for 7 hours.
It actually turned out way better than I expected!  Onions cooked in the slow cooker are my favorite.  The dried cranberries were so delicious.  Wild rice is also a plus.  Overall, there weren't any great spices of flavors in here - but the cranberries really made the dish.
I can't believe I've now completed 101 recipes.  199 to go, and 220 days to get it done!


  1. Woohoo!!! A huge milestone, congrats!!! That tomato-basil chicken looks like it'd be delish with some feta. I'm on a feta kick today, feta feta feta, yum.

  2. Hello,
    just came across your blog and im loving it!
    a quick tip for butternut squash (sounds weird but i sware it works) put it in the microwave for 30 seconds before peeling or chopping it. it makes it so much easier i promise

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to try that next time. Thanks for reading and commenting :)