Friday, August 13, 2010

slow run, quick post

This morning (err technically yesterday now) M & I ran 2.04 miles in 23:26 - which is an 11:28 pace.  It was humid!  I am going to continue to use that as my excuse for at least another month.  Anyway, this run definitely felt slow and actually I wasn't 100% worn out when I was done, which makes me think I maybe could have pushed it a bit more.  Next time!

Both lunch and dinner today were delicious!  The chicken-tortilla casserole wasn't quite as soupy after it got to sit out, so that was good.  I think it could have used more tomato flavor, though.  The baked asparagus with couscous was fantastic... The combo of couscous and cream of chicken soup is spectacular.

I actually couldn't fall asleep last night (which is common for me, I'm a bit of an insomniac sometimes!) and only slept 5 hours... so I was pretty shocked when I managed to make it through a solid work day (I was at my office til 7pm!), drinks with a friend, and a Project Runway viewing / hanging out with a friend til late ... all with only one cup of coffee all day!  I guess when you have lots to do, it's not so hard to stay up.  I am just getting home and to bed now... crazy!

I'm headed out of town this weekend, but I'll make lunch tomorrow before I go and  be sure to share.  I'll be trying to run 3.5 miles with K this weekend... wish me luck!

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  1. Thoughts on Runway? Sharda and I gchatted during it...can't believe the red dress didn't make top 3. Also, hate hate hate Gretchen.