Thursday, July 29, 2010

seafood on the grill

Lemon Shrimp with Squash: Dinner Saturday July 24, 2010
Saturday night, I made the girls (M&K) and I Lemon Shrimp with Squash.  I love shrimp… and I looove summer squash.  Particularly summer squash straight from the garden!  Here's a before picture:
The first negative: I don’t own a “grill wok” so I had to do these as packets instead of in the wok.  The second negative: it was getting close to dinner time before I realized that you were supposed to marinade the shrimp and veggies first… so there was no marinating.  Instead, the marinade (lemon juice and honey, basically) just went into the grill packets.  The biggest downside here was that I didn’t do a good job of mixing the lemon juice and honey and getting the veggies and shrimp coated, so we had a few bites that tasted like lemon juice, a few bites that tasted like honey, and very few that tasted like the mixture.  Other than that, this recipe turned out well.  For the bites that did have the honey-lemon combo, I loved it and definitely think I’d use it as a marinade in the future!  I thought the shrimp might have been slightly overcooked, but K and M disagreed… always good to please my diners, haha.  The biggest plus to the recipe was probably the plethora of veggies!  Good thing Scott made himself steak, as he would have liked almost nothing that went into this (he likes shrimp, but only a few, maybe as an appetizer).
The only thing I regret about this recipe was the lack of rosemary I had – I am not particularly familiar with what rosemary tastes like, and I wish I had been able to use it to see what it was like in the marinade.  Next time!

Halibut and Summer Squash Packets: Dinner Sunday July 25, 2010
Sunday night, the girls and I were slated to have halibut and summer squash packets.  However, as I have mentioned in the past, halibut doesn’t really exist.  Haddock was on sale, so, haddock is what we got!  I had never eaten haddock before, and I feel like it was just okay in terms of fish.  I much prefer tilapia or cod.  It probably would be better in a stew or casserole or something like that.  So, while the haddock was mediocre, I’d say the recipe and flavors overall were good.  This recipe was pretty similar to the shrimp recipe – lots of vegetables cut up with some herbs and lemon juice in a packet.  It definitely could have used more salt/seasoning, but that was kind of my fault.  I was supposed to have basil, lemon-pepper seasoning, and season salt… and instead I had basil, salt, and pepper.  And probably not enough salt or pepper.  But, the girls and I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I love how easy it is to make foil packets and throw them on the grill!

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