Sunday, July 11, 2010

bayside running!

The boyfriend and I traveled up north this weekend for his ten year high school reunion!  We've been staying with one of his good friends from high school, and I'm absolutely loving this town.  We've had delicious food for every meal, and this morning I got to go on a run this morning down to the ocean!  Okay, technically it was the bay, but it's connected to the ocean.  And there was a lighthouse, and it was gorgeous!  Lots of runners, walkers, bikers, and even rollerbladers were out and about!

The route this morning was fantastic - but the actual run, well, it was rough.  From the first step, I was feeling sluggish.  No speedy gonzalez here today!  I made it almost 2 miles - 1.9 to be exact.  I meant to run 2 miles exactly, but I think I got it in my head that 2 miles was at a certain intersection instead of slightly beyond it.  So, my pace was 11:30 miles... not fast at all, but at least I went!  I blame the weather.  It was 80 degrees and 75% humidity when I went.  Not as bad as the weather has been at home, but given that I am nearly 800 miles north of home, you'd think it would be cooler!  Apparently the entire country is feeling the heat wave.

After I finished my (almost) 2 miles, I walked the next half mile to cool down and stretch.  As I got near the house we are staying at, I decided I could sprint the last quarter of a mile home.  It's hard to know exactly what my pace was then, but it was somewhere close to a 9 minute mile, and it felt great!

Today we head even further north and inland, where we'll be spending the rest of the month.  Lots of good runs around the lake in my future, as well as some delicious home-grilled meals!

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