Thursday, July 22, 2010

fresh is best!

As promised, here are shots of my delicious fresh herbs & vegetables, courtesy of Scott's aunt.  When we went over for dinner on Monday evening, she let me pick out whatever I wanted to bring back.  As in literally pick things out of her garden and put them into a bag to take home.. can't get fresher than that!  Here's my stash:
Yum!  We've got so many fresh goodies.  First, we have lots of different herbs:
Including thyme, basil, and oregano.. they smell soo delicious!  Then we have some lettuce, which will be in tonight's dinner:
A delicious cucumber, which will also go into the salad, and summer squash which we'll save for some of this weekend's recipes:
Fresh green beans are up next.  Have you ever eaten a green bean straight from the leaves of it's plant?  Best way to enjoy them!  Scott agrees - he ate quite a few with me!
Look how plump some of those guys are! Mm mmm good!  And speaking of plump, we have some very plump and tasty peas as well!
I enjoyed these peas at lunch today, and attempted to get some action shots... sorry they are blurry, they are from my phone!
Like our red table cloth for the picnic table? Hehe.  Anyway, these suckers were delicious!  I'm so grateful that Scott's aunt donated all this produce to us for the week.  I hardly had to get anything fresh from the grocery store - just basic things here and there.  I'm so excited to one day have a garden of my own, with herbs and veggies and who knows what else!  I'll definitely have to get her expertise, or rather, her son's expertise - he knows so much about how to rotate crops and take care of various plants/veggies... hence her amazing garden.  Here's one last photo of my stash all laid out for you:
 Delicious, right?  I've got lots of cooking for this weekend, and a run with M tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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  1. Yum!

    Hope those runs with M go well! I'm totally sad not to have her push me this weekend.