Tuesday, July 27, 2010

runs with M.

hello blog followers!  sorry i've been MIA for so long - we had a busy weekend with about 10-15 friends coming to camp out with us.  tons of fun, but not much time for blogging.  M was among those friends, and we got to run twice over the weekend, on friday and sunday.  sunday, my other friend K joined us as well.

we did the same route for both runs - AKA the route that avoids hills as much as possible.  on friday when it was the two of us, we finished the 2 miles in 20:16, so a 10:08 pace.  i was pretty happy with that!  the run didn't feel too terribly hard, but i was definitely tired after.  we went again sunday, and managed to cut our time down to 19:58.  yay for sub-10 minute paces, if only by a second!  we definitely sped up significantly for the last 2 minutes.  i knew we were close to the end so i wanted to push myself as hard as i could without burning out.  it was a good run, but it felt a lot harder - probably mostly because it was hotter out, but maybe also because we were going somewhat faster.  i definitely got into the lake the second we were done to cool off, and it felt amazing.

M has noticed that the first 5 minutes of any run is the hardest.  i agree, but unfortunately i'm not sure i feel that the next 15 minutes are all that much better.  i guess i still don't feel like "i am a runner" yet, if that makes sense.  i'll run, and i usually feel good afterward, but it's only for a few rare moments during the run where i'm actually feeling good or positive about the whole thing!  for other runners out there: what is your experience like, and how was it when you first started running?  when did you finally "feel like a runner"? when, if ever, did you start to really enjoy your runs?

lots of food posts coming, as i cooked 6 recipes this weekend - get excited!

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