Tuesday, July 20, 2010

how do people continually think of good subject lines for their blogs?

.... because I'm drawing a blank!  And with no food to share, I have no recipe titles.  Just a running update.

Usually, Saturdays are long runs.  But we were super busy and in no area I could run on Saturday, so I planned to run Sunday.  Sunday, I was just simply not in the mood to go for a run, so I talked myself into delaying it until Monday.  Besides, I thought, if I run Tues/Thurs/Sat this week, I can run with M only once (she's coming to visit me!), but if I run Wed/Fri/Sun, we get two runs together!  Way better, right?

So Monday morning I groggily set off for a run.  I knew from the first steps that this would in no way be a "long" run.  It was, however, my last run before our "official" 8k training starts (not that we have an 8k picked out to run... details, details), so it was my last chance to walk during any part of my run without being a cheater.  I set off in the direction opposite of those pesky hills, and made it about 10 minutes before I was dying to stop.  So I took a breather, stretched, and then forced myself to go for another 10 minutes - including part of a hill but not the worst of it, and onto my favorite road to run down in this area - lots of shade, good view of the lake, and cute cottages.  Some of the cottages are under construction, too, so it's fun seeing how they progres over time!

Anyway, my run ended up taking 20:21, and I made it 2.04 miles!  Pretty quick pace for me (just under 10 minutes), which is crazy!  I don't understand how my pace varies so much.  Sure, I paused my watch and took a quick breath - but I also didn't walk forward in that minute or two, I just stretched.  Yet, last week, I ran a solid 4 minutes / mile SLOWER.  Crazy... and confusing.  Maybe USATF doesn't know the roads around here very well or something, haha.

So, I haven't gotten any cooking done since lunch Friday.  We took the RV in for service, expecting to get it back Saturday... but instead we got it back tonight (Tuesday).  With no fridge/freezer, microwave, stove, or oven... I wasn't sure what I could even make.  Lucky boyfriend got to eat out almost every meal and have all sorts of unhealthy stuff!  But no fear, because the RV is back and I am going grocery shopping tomorrow (although I probably won't cook until Thursday).  I'm SUPER excited about food this week, because Scott's aunt graciously gave us some delicious fresh-picked vegetables and herbs from her garden yesterday.  I'll have to photograph them and post pictures in the light tomorrow so you can see.  But oh man, there's nothing like eating a green been right from the leaves of the plant... yum!

Tomorrow I have to run two miles without stopping... and hopefully bright and early in the morning.  Eek.  BUT I'm looking forward to two runs with M on Friday and Sunday, and so far the weather forecast is looking great - highs in the mid 70s, lows in the mid 60s.  Keep your fingers crossed for me :-)

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