Wednesday, July 7, 2010

trashy tv tuesdays: episode 3

This past week, I tuned in for the first episode of Huge, ABC Family's new drama about kids at fat camp.  Not sure how I feel about this show.  Best line: "I'm not scared, I just think everything you stand for is crap.  No offense."  Wow.  Also, "I've only been off sugar for 3 hours and I already feel like defacing public property."  The last few minutes was really cute and funny, with the girls whispering in bed.  I guess I feel like I can't make up my mind about this show unless I watch a few more episodes - I'm not sure what it's message really is yet?  Both main characters are overweight.  Both seem to have unhealthy approaches to handling their weight loss.... we'll have to wait and see what develops.

The City was all sorts of DRAMA this past week with Roxy and Whitney.  But I just don't think that it's a great idea to have your best friend, your roommate, and your quasi-business partner slash coworker all be wrapped into one - it's bound to cause drama!  Preview saaaays... Roxy moves out.  Shocker.  I have to say, I was loving this show earlier in the year, and it's taking a turn for the booooring.  Then, tonight's episode... Olivia is back to being super bitch to Whitney, and the Roxy/Whitney drama is NOT improving.  Oh man - I can't believe she moved out so fast.  Oh well.  I'll still say that the entertainment value of this show has severely declined this season.

In other TV news, Entourage season 6 came out on DVD recently, so on Sunday my boyfriend went and picked it up.  We watched it from start to finish in one sitting.  Yes, we are a bit obsessive.  I just have to say, it was so freaking good.  Season 5 was kind of a let down - there was so much stress and drama and I was not excited about it.  This season was the perfect mix of character development and story line along with hilarious and ridiculous stuff.  I'm so pumped to watch season 7... in a year, haha.

Now onto the main event: The Bachelorette.  Now that she's down to the top 5, things are getting tough - although I think something is off about Frank (and the previews make that seem likely), she definitely has a great connection with him, so keeping him around makes sense.  She has awesome chemistry with Roberto, and the chemistry with Kirk is also good.  She and Chris definitely needed to develop more of the romance side of their relationship - but I think that's completely feasible, so whatever.  Ty, as I've said before, is perhaps too much of a Southern traditional man for her.  So, what a shock when she sent him home!  Except, it kind of WAS a shock, because last week's previews totally made it look like Ty was in Tahiti with her... but maybe he's not?  Or, will she bring him back after the Frank drama goes down?  Who knows!  All I can say is that when she gave Chris the first rose, I practically screamed.  After their awesome date I was feeling so stressed - how could he go home after that?  Also, I have to say, I think things with Kirk are about to go downhill fast... as much as their first kiss was full of passion, this week's date seemed lacking.  I'm calling it now: Chris and Roberto will be the last two left.  SUPER excited to see the families next week, especially seeing Chris's place in Cape Cod and seeing what Roberto's family is like!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a running post for you - but no more cooking til next week!  Tonight we had amazing Thai food cooked by my friend's mom; tomorrow is a party for my boyfriend's last day of work, and Thursday we take off for vacation!  I won't be settled in a place I can go grocery shopping and cook until Monday, so no more recipes until then.  I really hope to run tomorrow and once this weekend, but it was 104 degrees here today - yikes - and even now (at midnight) tells me it feels like 88, so I'm not sure I'll be able to handle it!  Wish me luck!

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