Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Before I forget, and to avoid breaking a streak, here is a picture of the soup I made last week, which was quite delicious and affirmed my suspicion that Bisquick is magical:
So, I promised that I would complete three runs while I was out of town, and I was successful with just one so far.  I got to run when I was up north (or "down east", depending on who you ask, haha), and running without humidity was AMAZING.  I sort of got confused about which way I was going, so I'm not actually sure how far I went.  I just know that I went for about 45 minutes, which was good enough for me.  I really wanted to run a second time while I was up there, but I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction that got in the way.  In any case, running is pretty great when this is your view:
Tonight, (still on vacation, just not quite so far north) I was able to have two of my sorority sisters over for dinner tonight.  It was fun to get back to cooking, and I used the grill for the first time ever!  It was actually really easy and not at all stressful - I can't wait to grill again!  Too bad I don't currently have a grill of my own.  So, tonight I made Seafood Jambalaya Packets, which included scallops and shrimps:
Delicious!  One of the girls brought cookies for dessert which were also quite good, but I didn't take a picture, oops!  I am hoping to run and cook again on Thursday, so I will update then.  It's super hot/humid here, so I'm not as excited about running, but I have to run twice more before Monday!

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