Monday, June 14, 2010

fish is delish!

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So, I am actually liking getting up early and running.  I normally hit my snooze 80 times, but when I have a run to go on, I feel much more able to wake up and get going!  However, this morning's humidity sucked away all of my excitement about 30 seconds in.  We originally set out to go 2.78 miles total, with some walking breaks.  But with humidity at about 87%, we decided to cut our run short.  I also had some pain in my shins/etc. from the start - so I think this was a good decision.  We ended up going 2 miles with two short walk breaks, and our running pace was about 11:30.  Nothing to brag about, but I think the important part was that we got out there and tried.  I seriously might have to become friends with the treadmill this summer - but I haven't been on a treadmill in over a year and I never really liked it.  Anyway, we are going to run intervals on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on which day looks less humid.  I'm also thinking on my non-running days I might try to do Jillian Michaels DVDs (I have 3) in the morning, or tune into something on FIT TV to help get the morning started right! I'll be letting ya'll know how that goes, starting tomorrow morning.

Today for lunch I had Lemony Fish and Vegetables.  This was superbly tasty, at least in part (and maybe mostly) because it was made with fried rice (rice and vermicelli mix with almonds and Oriental seasonings) - so delicious!  I have to apologize for all of these pictures being low quality - I STILL cannot find my camera, so the pictures are from my cell phone.  So frustrating ... I took pictures Thursday evening on it, uploaded them Thursday around 10pm, and since then I have no clue!  Alas, here's today's lunch (cooked Sunday night):

Yum!  The only downside to bring cod for lunch: multiple people commenting about how it makes the office reek of fish.  I feel bad, but not bad enough to not eat seafood at work in the future, haha.  I was actually too full to finish it at lunchtime, but then I found out I had a meeting from 5:30-7:00, so I ate the rest at 4:30 to avoid hunger during the meeting!  I rushed home to try to get dinner cooked before the Bachelorette started.  Tonight I made Roasted Tilapia and Vegetables.  This dish was fine, but nothing terribly exciting.  I think Betty suggested a little bit too long of a cook time again - I put the tilapia in for 15 min when it said 18-20 and it was cooked perfectly or maybe just a smidgen too long.

Since I was roasting things in the oven, I also whipped together lunch for tomorrow: Shrimp Paella Salad.  I put a little more rice in the recipe than 1 serving should be, because I had about 1.5 servings of rice left in a box.  Oh wells.  I am waiting til tomorrow at work to get the lettuce so it's nice and fresh (and because Kroeger lettuce hasn't worked well for me in the past).  Looks tasty:

So, lots of cooking to share - woohoo!  Now that I found out Betty Crocker posts many of these recipes online for free, I'll link as many of them as I can for ya'll.  I'm really enjoying "Pescatarian Week" - everything so far has been great, and is definitely helping me satisfy my seafood craving!

Alright, now I will move onto a portion of this blog I'd like to call "I watch trashy TV and I'm proud of it".  Obviously, I have to comment on tonight's episode of the Bachelorette (feel free to skip this if you don't watch):
  • Kasey's random outbursts of song on his date with Ali were creepy.  I can't believe she didn't just send him home on the spot.  I think he's genuine, I just think he's a psycho.  And that tattoo, so stupid.  11 diamonds for the top 11 men?  WHAT?  The worst part (obviously) was that he didn't get to show Ali has crazy side, and gave her candy which won him points and kept him around for another week.  Boo.  Remember Michelle from last season's Bachelor?  Someone should introduce them.
  • Roberto gets the win on the group date, and another amazing chance with Ali - BROADWAY, wow.  He's definitely a front runner.  
  • Kirk, tucking Ali into bed - so smooth.  I told my boyfriend "If I were single right now I would be in love with him."  He responded "you are only in love with his muscles and his good hair."  He might be right.  
  • Chris L. on his date, talking about his mom and calling his dad, totally made me want to cry!  So sweet.  He's probably my favorite.  I'm a softy for New Englanders, lobster, and men who are close to their families.  What can I say?  (Also, Joshua Radin plays on my Pandora - LOVE him!)  
  • Chris N. gets a rose.  WHO ARE YOU?  Has this man ever spoken?  Haha.
  • Ty, Rated R / Crutches, and Craig, you are fine in my book.  I can't say I have strong opinions about any of them at this point.
  • Jesse's singing at the Lion King audition was sooo good - I was impressed!  I can't believe he went home this early- so sad.  But she was spot on, they didn't really match well.
  • Weatherman, this whole episode all I was thinking was, stop whining and go home ASAP - he can't sing or play guitar and he whines a lot. Thank goodness he's gone!
  • Ali, I love you, but at the cocktail party your cleavage was OUT THERE, haha.
  • Previews: What is Kirk's secret?  I'm so worried! Will Kasey ever show her his tattoo, creep her out, and go home?  Ahhh, 7 days to wait and find out!
Alright, that's all I have for today - super long post, I know.  Celtics Game 6 tomorrow in LA - woohoo!

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  1. Fish, The Bachelorette, and Basketball. I'm so sorry I've got nothing...but I couldn't not comment.