Thursday, June 10, 2010

salisbury-mushroom steak fail.

I ate the Garden Vegetable Fritatta for lunch today, which promptly reminded me that I really don't like eggs all that much.  It's kind of strange - but for maybe the last 6 months, eggs seem to give me a stomach ache.  I had Deviled Eggs at a party a week ago and they were perfectly fine, so maybe hard-boiled eggs are okay.  But scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, eggs in a breakfast sandwich, or apparently eggs as they are used in a fritatta do not get along with my stomach.  Oh well.

Tonight for dinner, I attempted to make Herbed Salisbury-Mushrooms Steak.  This was supposed to be accomplished by mixing ground beef, chopped mushrooms, bread crumbs, fat-free egg product, skim milk, and spices together to make a patty/steak.  I failed to make the meat stay together as a burger/patty ought to:
I'm not sure why this fell apart.  I've made burgers before.  I've mixed ground beef with egg and random other things and had a perfectly nice meatball or hamburger-esque patty.  Alas, once it fell apart, I decided this would just have to be ground beef with Salisbury-Mushroom flavoring.  I also had more mushrooms than needed, but I liked mushrooms, so I added them in.  I also added in some extra sauce to go with the extra mushrooms.  Then, I made a baked potato and put some of the sauce and a little fat-free sour cream onto the potato.  I also cut up  some red pepper, thinking I would add it into the pan... but then I wasn't sure how well peppers and gravy go together, so I decided to just eat them raw on the side.  And so we have:
So, I have to say it was kind of bland/boring.  I like mushrooms, they were yummy.  Beef gravy is fine, but it's nothing special, and ketchup & thyme were the only other real additions.  But, it wasn't bad by any means.  i just feel like, maybe some dijon mustard, some onions, some Worcestershire sauce, or barbecue sauce would have improved the recipe.  Who knows.  By the way, this is what I was supposed to be eating:
...Well, the steak anyway.  Picture courtesy of Betty Crocker, who also listed the recipe verbatim on this website, hence me being a little more liberal about telling you what all went into it.  Anyway, if I ever make this again, I'll probably not add the milk - I think the burger had too much liquid and that stopped it from being burger-like.  I will also grill some onions in with the sauce and add something more flavorful.

Tomorrow, M and I are going running in the morning - a first for us.  I'm a little nervous - do I eat first? How much? How long before I run?  And will I be able to get a good night's sleep tonight?  I haven't been sleeping very well lately, so I'm a little worried!  I'll let you know how it goes :-)

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  1. Ahhh I wish I saw this earlier! I used to run in the mornings. I've have something light and nondairy, like a granola bar or some dry cereal.