Tuesday, June 22, 2010

trashy tv tuesdays.

I'd like to introduce to you a new section of my blog: Trashy TV Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday, I will allow myself to talk at length about the happenings of all of my favorite TV shows, and perhaps other topics unrelated to cooking and running.  Why Tuesdays?  Because my favorite show, the Bachelorette, comes on Monday nights.  Why Trashy?  Um, hello, my favorite show is the Bachelorette.  For now that's the main show I have to blog about - but I also love The City (Whitney Eve - if your clothes were not so expensive I'd buy all of them), Glee (not trashy, just love it), and Project Runway (also not trash, just amazing).  When the Bachelorette ends and my other shows start I might have to pick a different day to post about TV, we'll see :-)

SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't watched last night's episode of the Bachelorette and you don't want it to be ruined, stop reading here.

So, the previews for this week's episode made it seem like Kirk had something huge to tell Ali.  It turned out to be a very touching story about an illness he went through in college - and while I think sharing the story with Ali brought them closer together, it definitely wasn't what I expected!  C'mon Bach, I'm waiting for "I'm dying of cancer," or at least "I have a child," haha.  Anyway, after their date I feel like Kirk definitely has a shot at being the guy for Ali in the end.  He's so sweet and they have great chemistry.  Of course, after their one-on-one, Ali went on a group date where I was immediately reminded of how much I love Chris L. from Cape Cod.  I just hope he and Ali continue to develop more romantic chemistry.  I have this strange feeling that Chris L. will end up making it to the top 3, but not be Ali's ultimate choice.  On one hand, this is sad... but I totally think he would make a great next Bachelor, which could be fun, too.

This week we FINALLY hear Chris N. speak, but of course it was all disaster.  This wasn't at all surprising.  From the moment he stumbled over his poem, I knew that he was getting airtime simply to demonstrate why he was going home... and I was right.  This week's rose ceremony was so anti climatic... it was so obvious that they had no chemistry, while all of the other guys had much better conversations with Ali.  Speaking of anti climatic - I definitely thought there would be more drama on Kasey and Justin's 2-on-1 date.  I was surprised how civilly they both behaved!  I was also impressed with the way Kasey framed his tattoo - "grown so much from this experience" .... "will have these memories forever no matter what happens"... I almost thought he wasn't completely insane.  Alas, the tattoo was still a creepy move, and Ali had to send him home.  Thank goodness.  Although her inability to celebrate Justin staying definitely shows that she isn't very in to Justin either... so I doubt he's staying around for much longer.  In fact, I almost thought she'd send them both home!  Justin definitely annoyed me this week - he kept framing the date as a chance to "beat Kasey" and "win the rose," and I had to agree with Kasey that he sounds like he's just trying to win a game, not necessarily develop anything serious with Ali.

Previews for next week - will we finally found out who really has a girlfriend?  I hope it's Justin, but I'm afraid it's someone she's closer to.  Who could it be?  From the preview, I kind of thought it looked like Chris L... but that would be shocking (and devastating!!).  I can't imagine it being him, Frank, or Ty... and after this week's "drama" with Kirk I doubt it's him either.  Could it be Roberto?  I wouldn't be totally shocked... while I think she really likes Roberto, he isn't great at assuring her that he's really excited to be with her, so I foresee trouble there!

Alright, that's enough about The Bachelorette for this week.  In other TV news, I just finished watching all three seasons of Arrested Development... and I'm SO sad it's over.  It's funny how the writers definitely got me to hope for Maeby and George-Michael to get together, despite it being totally wrong, haha.  I hope they really are coming out with a movie in 2011!  Have a great day everyone, I'll update about my run and my food later on today.


  1. Ugh, the Arrested Development movie has been rumored for the past 4 years. Or 3. Or however many its been since the show has been off the air. The show though, brilliant.

    I missed Real Housewives of NJ this week...beach vacation > TV. I'll catch it next week.

  2. I watched the Bachelorette yesterday...none of it was shocking at all. Kirk was a distance runner in college...I knew I liked him! :)