Saturday, June 26, 2010

sleepy running

Anyone who knows me in real life probably doesn't believe that I go running in the morning, or they at least are a little skeptical.  And if you told them that on top of that, I went running on a WEEKEND morning at 7:30am, they would laugh.  Why?  Because I hate the morning.  I love to sleep in.  And I love to nap.  This is a well known fact.

One of the reasons I love sleeping in is because I've always been a night owl.  So after sleeping in a bit on Friday morning (no run scheduled), I knew it was going to be a challenge to fall asleep early on Friday night in order to be well-rested for my Saturday morning run.  10:30 sounded like a good time to go into bed, so I turned off the TV and climbed under the covers at about 10:45.

I usually like to fall asleep to an episode of a show or something, so I geared up some netflix.  But I didn't fall asleep, and then it was 11:15.  And 11:45.  Then, Susan came home from work and was on gchat, so we chatted a little.  1am.  Oops.  Say goodnight, return to sleep attempt - this time without any background television, since it wasn't really working. 1am became 2, put the noise back on... 2 came 3, and then... yes, 4am.  Shortly after the clock glared 4:01, I think I fell asleep.  So the 7:00am alarm was... less than pleasant.

M only fared a little bit better, clocking in at 5 hours of sleep.  Neither of us have particularly good explanations for this.  Oh well.  We were, however, a bit of a mess.  My driving to campus was questionable, and just as we pulled in I realized I forgot my watch.  I almost turned around to get it, but it seemed too far.  So for the first time ever, we set off for a jog with no clock and no particular goals.  Given our exhaustion, we opted to run two shorter loops instead of one longer out and back.  While I have no idea what our time was, we went 3 miles total, and ran about 2.4 of the 3.

Came home and did a very abbreviated version of strength training - just a few crunches and situps and whatnot.  It's crazy how awake I feel after morning runs, even on only 3 hours of sleep!  Now I'm off to run some errands before meeting up with friends to cheer on TEAM USA!

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  1. I find it shocking that you wake up early to run. :) Especially for the girl who used to tell me that the diner was too far to go for lunch!