Thursday, June 24, 2010

dear stove, please turn on.

I just wanted to quickly update you guys on my cooking situation!  I ended up microwaving the Mexican Macaroni and Cheese the rest of the way to have it for lunch yesterday... and it did not turn out all that great.  It could be a less-than-stellar recipe, but I think trying to make a cheesy sauce in the microwave was my main problem.. so we'll award this recipe "No Grade" and try it again some other time (because I was SO excited about it, and then SO disappointed as I ate).  The maintenance people didn't make it out to my place last night, and after a less-than-thrilling microwaved lunch, I wasn't really in the mood to nuke a can of soup or veggies, which seemed like my only options.  So, I splurged and got some food from the Whole Foods hot bar.  Yum! Although, probably not at all healthy.  Whoops.

This morning M and I ran the 2.5 mile loop again, 2 minute walking followed by 8 minutes of running.  We must have kept our pace about even with Tuesday's, since we started/finished in almost exactly the same spots in the 30 minutes!  Given that she was sore from her abs work out and I was running on very little sleep, I was pretty impressed with us.  We are doing another longer run on Saturday - but this time bright and early.  I'm tempted to try the 5 mile / 60 minute path again, to see if we can do better in the heat, but I'm not sure if that's too ambitious.

Anyway, hopefully the maintenance people come today and when I get home this evening I'll have a working stove/oven... keep your fingers crossed for me!  Otherwise I'm going to have to start getting really creative with my food... or perhaps visit the famous Indian Food Truck near campus :-)

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