Tuesday, June 22, 2010

broken stove?!?

This morning, M and I set out for a 30 minute run, and decided to do 2 minutes of walking followed by 8 minutes of running.  It was in the low-to-mid 70s and only (ha, only) 75% humidity - so it was way more comfortable than our recent runs.  I wouldn't say this felt 'easy' by any stretch of the imagination, but it was so better and more pleasant than Saturday's run, or even the weekday runs last week!  We didn't go terribly fast - 12:30 pace for 2.5 miles overall - and when you calculate the walking pace at 16 min/miles that makes our run pace 11:30 - but I felt refreshed and good at the end!  Woohoo!

This was a good start to my day - since I wasn't completely exhausted afterward I managed to only lay on my floor for about 5 minutes before showering and having my coffee and perusing my Google reader.  I made it to the office by 9:45, feeling awake and ready to work.  I definitely enjoyed my Antipasto Chicken for lunch - and surprisingly had a hard time finishing it!  Yum.  I still think I don't particularly like the texture of the artichokes, but I like the flavor.  I wonder what I could do to fix that... suggestions?

Dinner was Plum-Mustard Pork Chops with a side of mixed vegetables.  I made some extra plum-mustard sauce and poured them on the veggies as well.  Attempt #2 at making pork went somewhat better - it wasn't as chewy and it still wasn't dry!  I watched the pork like a hawk and as soon as it wasn't pink in the center I took it off the skillet.  Possibly I could still cook it less and be happy, haha.  I like my meat rare, what can I say?
Not the prettiest dish, but the plum-mustard sauce was AMAZING.  I had never heard of Chinese plum sauce before, but it is delicious.  I would eat it by the spoonful.  Okay - maybe not, but I would eat it with just about anything.  Anyway, dinner was delicious and after eating, I decided to prepare lunch for tomorrow.  I was super excited about this dish: Mexican Macaroni and Cheese!  Unfortunately, shortly after I began cooking the macaroni, my stove .... broke.  I was standing right next to the stove, getting into a drawer for a can opener for the chopped green chiles.  As I closed the drawer, suddenly I heard a loud POP and saw a spark.  Now, none of the burners on my stove will heat up, and neither will my oven.  I guess I'll be calling maintenance first thing in the morning.... :-(

The only good part is that the macaroni, after staying in the warm water, finished cooking.  I had no source of heat, so I couldn't cook the rest of the ingredients into the pasta mix... so for now they are just in a plastic container, waiting for my stove to be fixed!
Looks good... I'm excited for this recipe to come together.  I figure, worst case scenario I could stir everything together and put it in a microwave... but keep your fingers crossed that my stove is fixed in time for lunch!  That's all for today - now I'm off to make a pre-bedtime snack that doesn't involve my stove or oven (which means no delicious sleepytime tea tonight, boo!).

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  1. Oh noooo broken stove :( I hope it get fixed soon!

    Also, it's incredible what a difference a breeze makes. It's the same temperature-wise here as it is where you are...but the breeze!! I could run out here, if I brought my running shoes on my vacation ;)