Tuesday, June 8, 2010

double recipe dinner!

Today, I had my meatloaf for lunch, and I have to say it was pretty good!  It was a pretty basic meatloaf; when I was growing up my dad always added onions and various veggies, whereas this recipe was just some sauces, bread crumbs, and meat basically.  I definitely will have to try more creative ways to make meatloaf in the future, but this was a tasty start!

Then, tonight for dinner on the menu we had snapper with sauteed tomato pepper sauce.  The recipe called for "red snapper, cod, or other medium-firm fish", and I couldn't find red snapper so we went for cod.  The cod was actually REALLY good, and I'm excited to eat it some time soon again.  However, I suck at cooking cod.  As in, it totally fell apart in the pan.  First, since the tilapia yesterday stuck to the pan, I tried to move it around more to keep it from sticking.  That sort of helped at first, but then not so much.  Then, when I went to flip it, it totally fell into pieces.  So instead of having a nice pretty fillet, I had a messy chunk of fish.  Luckily for me, it still tasted really good, and I think I cooked it for the right amount of time at least.  The tomato pepper sauce was fine, but I'm not sure I did it quite the way Betty intended.  It wasn't much of a sauce; it was more vegetables with a little bit of liquid.  Maybe I was supposed to chop up the vegetables much smaller"  It says "chopped" for the tomatoes and peppers; "sliced" for onions.  Anyway, it still tasted pretty good - ESPECIALLY the fish!
I think it needs more herbs/spices next time, but other than that, I'd make this again for sure!  However, the whole recipe was only 140 calories, so I knew I needed something else.  I had a recipe planned to make tonight for lunch tomorrow, but as it turns out I have lunch plans!  So, I instead made another recipe, Pasta with Dijon-Tomato Sauce.  OH MY GOSH THIS WAS YUMMY.  Except for when I was overly enthusiastic about eating it and ended up burning my tongue.  Anyway, it had sun-dried tomatoes which I'm obsessed with, and as one might guess, Dijon mustard, among other things.  Just typing about it makes me want to go make some more!!  It was supposed to be made with bow-tie pasta, which I didn't have, so I used some alternative noodles (it's not like they taste all that different, right?).  Anyway, it might not look pretty, but oh my gosh I want some more right now!
It's topped with Parmesan cheese,. and the only thing I'll say is that more cheese might have made it even better.  But I'm also the girl who thinks cheese goes well on everything.  On the fitness end, I totally failed today - I was going to do my Jillian Michaels strength training DVD this afternoon, but it didn't happen - maybe tomorrow I'll do some of it after I run with M. I was home doing work til about 6pm, when I dozed off for 45 minutes before making dinner, and then I had to run errands before watching the season finale of Glee with some friends!  Fellow Glee fans, what did you think of the finale?  I was super excited with how much singing there was!  I wasn't surprised to see that Quinn had her baby, and generally I liked the way it all turned out!  But, there wasn't really a cliff hanger for next season, so I wonder what will happen with various story lines!

So my "errands" today = going to Home Depot and buying herbs to grow at home!  Recipes always suggest fresh herbs, but they are expensive and I'm afraid they'll go bad before I can use them, so I'm always using stuff out of the jar.  I'm sure fresh tastes better, so I now own oregano, basil, parsley, and culantro (which is apparently like cilantro).  I definitely do NOT have a green thumb, so I hope I don't kill my new plants!  While I was there, I couldn't help but buying a small potted Jade and a small potted Cactus was well - they are hard to kill and I wanted some plants for my apartment (although I might take one to the office).

As a sports fan, I must shout out to the National's newest pitcher Stephen Strasburg - 14 strikeouts in his debut, a team record!  I'm so excited for him and for DC!  In some very upsetting news, the Celtics just lost Game 3.  I didn't get to watch the whole game tonight because of Glee, but BOO!  Hopefully Thursday goes much better for my boys in Boston!

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  1. The pasta looks yummy! And we know how I felt about Glee.

    How would you rate the Jillian Michael's DVD? I have her 30 Day Shred, and like it.