Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trashy TV Tuesdays & More

First of all... producers of the Bachelorette: PLEASE make this show a little less predictable.  While I would have been really sad if one of my favorite guys had a girlfriend, it was sort of annoying that the jerk that no one liked, shocker, had a girlfriend.  Although I will say that the scene of him walking away and the voicemails he was leaving for his girlfriend playing was hilarious.  But, beyond that, the most eventful part of last night's Bachelorette was the previews for the upcoming episodes.  It was obvious that she didn't feel chemistry with Craig and felt only a friendship-vibe with him.  Seriously, though, the previews MADE EVERYTHING SO OBVIOUS. So now instead of wondering who the top 3 are, we know with certainty.  Thanks.  I can't believe my fave is not making it.  Unless they did some wacky editing, I know already that my favorite is not going to win Ali's heart.  SAD.  Fingers crossed that he'll be the next bachelor?

Full disclosure: I also watch The City. I'd buy Whitney Eve's entire line if I were super rich.  I wish she would be friends with, but not work with Roxy, because I'm always terrified Roxy is going to mess something up - they have different styles, and I can't see it working.  I flipping hate Olivia, but of course the show is designed to be that way.  Of course, I've made Tuesday Trashy TV day, meaning it's an entire week after a new episode when I finally post, so not much to say.

This morning M and I started transitioning from "run/walk" to just running.  We went 1.5 miles at a pace of about 11:50 min/mile, and it wasn't so bad!  I'm super excited, as that's the longest we've gone without a walk break.  The rest of this week are run/walk work outs - which honestly is good because after only running for 17:47 I don't really feel like I did enough cardio today (I came home and did strength stuff after the run, though).  The next two weeks our weekday runs will be distances, and our weekend runs will be longer interval runs.  After that we will officially be starting an 8k training program!  Woohoo!  We went with the 8k program because honestly, after the interval training over the last few months, the 5k programs looked lame.  So, although we have yet to pick a race to run, we will be training for an 8k and then finding either a 5k or 8k race to run in mid September.  Anyone know of a good 5k or 8k race to run in mid September?  We're open to suggestions!

Time to get to work for the day - and at some point I also need to decide what I'm making for meals over the next few days so I can go to the grocery store and get cooking tonight!


  1. Ummm I just finished watching......why did they have those previews?? Obviously Chris is going home next week. Then Kirk? Then Frank is leaving on his own? Then she's not going to pick anyone? What??

  2. Hey, I'd recommend this site: http://www.runwashington.com/calendar.htm
    but it doesnt show many options for NC in Sept. Would you guys be open to something in VA? you might have more options...