Wednesday, May 5, 2010

salads with fruit make me happy.

Today, I had originally planned to cook dinner and make lunch for tomorrow, but I was enticed into spending Cinco de Mayo at a bar with some classmates, and can't bring myself to refrain from eating dinner with them!  But no fear, because I still had to make lunch for tomorrow/Friday.  Today I made Chicken and Fresh Berry Salad:
It's got raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and feta on top.  It called for just "vinaigrette dressing" - and in my fridge I had Balsamic Vinaigrette and Raspberry Vinaigrette, so for Thursday's lunch I'm having the Raspberry - and maybe Friday I'll try the Balsamic?  It looks so yummy, I am really excited for lunch tomorrow!  And the mixed greens (also from Monday's Kroeger trip) look good!

Question for anyone out in blogland.  I have been taking my lunches in gladware containers the past two days, and  both days it leaks out a little, causing stuff to get sticky.  Not cool when I'm traipsing around the hospital all day!  Maybe my gladware stuff is just too old - but does anyone know of specific types of plastic wear I can get that won't leak out in my backpack?

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  1. Sara- I have gladware that I use for salads that is big square containers for the salad then little shot-glass sized cups w/lids for the dressing so it doesnt get soggy. I also saw at Bed Bath & Beyond little salad containers that have a section to keep the dressing separate.It was only like $5 but that's just for one. Good luck!