Sunday, May 9, 2010

loving the skillet meals!

Today I overslept majorly, due to setting my alarm incorrectly, oops!  So, it wasn't as productive of a day as I had hoped, but I still went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and made lunch for tomorrow, which means I have recipes to share.  Both meals came from the Savory Skillet Meals chapter.  For dinner, I made Cheesy Chicken Skillet Dinner.  I am pretty much obsessed with cheese, so this hit the spot.  Also, I learned how to perfectly melt cheese.  I am a big microwaver, and I never manage to get cheese melted (like, on top of rice or chicken or something) quite right in the microwave.  For this recipe, the last step was to top the chicken and veggies with cheese on the skillet, and cover for a few minutes until the cheese has melted.  All I can say is YUM.
 I served the skillet over brown rice (shocker) and had it for dinner.  Delicious.  Then, I knew I needed to make something for lunch tomorrow.  So, I made Summer Garden Chicken Stir-Fry.  I wish I had made 4 times the amount I did (instead of just one serving for lunch) because I had a bite of the sauce with veggies, and I am pumped for lunch tomorrow!  I love Chinese/Asian flavors, and the flavor in this is awesome.  I also learned that adding cornstarch thickens sauce and makes it the perfect consistency.
I forgot to take a picture of this while it was still on the skillet, so it's already in my tupperware container for tomorrow, oops!  Yay for being excited for lunch this week.  Tomorrow I'm going running with M - hopefully I won't be sore at all.  Last night my shins were a little sore and my calves felt tight, but I iced last night and will ice again tonight.  It's not going to be all that hot tomorrow - high of only 72! So, I'm excited to run in good weather :-)

8 recipes down, 292 to go, 336 days until the race!

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