Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fried Mac and Cheese Squares!

So for a friend's end-of-the-semester party, I decided to make Fried Mac & Cheese Squares.  Note: this is not from Betty Crocker's healthy recipe book.  I made them once  before and they were a big hit.  Basically, you make mac and cheese as normal, and then put it into a shallow pan to refrigerate.  Then, you cut up the mac and cheese into bit size pieces:

And then freeze.  When you are ready to make the Mac and Cheese, get a deep frying pan and put about 3 inches of oil in it (I use vegetable oil); heat (to about 350 degrees).  Take each ball, dip it in flour, then dip it in egg, then dip it in bread crumbs:

Then, place the mac and cheese balls in the oil and fry for about 3 minutes:
Mmmm, frying!  Haha.  Then, it's best to serve them hot.  Sometimes I eat them plain, sometimes I like to dip them in marinara sauce.  Your choice!

Yum!  The party was a ton of fun, and I think everyone enjoyed the mac and cheese.  I also made some gluten-free (Amy's makes a brand) and some lactose-free/gluten-free for my friends with dietary restrictions.  Fried food for everyone!!  I have to post about the lunch I made today as well as my run, but I'll have to do that later!

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