Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cowboy BBQ Chicken Pizza & Running!

Today, I made my boyfriend and I Cowboy BBQ Chicken Pizza for lunch!  He got me a baking stone for Christmas, so this was a chance to not only use his gift, but try a new recipe!  It was DELICIOUS.  The crust is so light and tasty, the bbq chicken (which was store bought, but whatever, that's what the recipe said to do) was tasty, and I love, and I mean LOVE, cheese!  The only problem is, the crust kind of stuck to the pizza stone!  So it was challenging it get the pizza off the stone and onto our plates.  But we did alright.  Plus, once it was cooled it was a lot easier to get it off the stone.  I'm not quite sure why it stuck - I put some flour on the stone before i put the pizza crust down.  Anyway, it came out well for the first attempt and we both thought it was delicious! I'm having leftovers of it for dinner :-)  Sorry the picture is blurry - I snapped it real quick as we were about to dig in!
Note to my local readers: I now feel like I MUST perfect this pizza crust.  So if you are interested in eating pizza - I have 3 vegetarian and 2 chicken recipes! 

Later this afternoon, M and I went for a run around East Campus.  We did 1 minute walking / 3 minute running intervals for 44 minutes - go us!  We made it around the track twice, for a total of 3.4 miles, which means that our average pace was just under 13 minutes miles.  I never know how slow we walk during our 1 minute walks, so I have a hard time guessing how fast our running pace is.  We definitely don't keep a brisk walking pace, so it's got to be closer to 17-20 minute miles I would guess?  Anyway, if we were walking 16 minute miles, that would mean we were running on average 12 minute miles, but if we were walking 20 minute miles, we would have been averaging right around 10:30 minute miles.  I'm pretty happy with that - we don't have time goals yet, we just want to actually get ourselves running.  We are going again on Monday, so I'm trying to ice/stretch a lot between now and then!  After running, we went swing dancing, so my muscles are definitely exhausted.  Time to pop in a movie and head to bed early :-)

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