Friday, May 21, 2010

italian deliciousness

Despite my intense pain from running on Tuesday, by Thursday my  feet were feeling fine!  I had planned to have my next run on Saturday morning, but it's going to rain, so I decided to go this afternoon.  It was a little more humid than it has been lately, but not too hot.  I planned to a 48 minute workout: 8 reps of 1 minute walking / 5 minute running, but by about rep 6 my foot was starting to hurt.  I didn't want to chance getting injured, so after my 7th interval (42 min total) I decided to call it quits and just walk back to cool down.  By the time I got back I felt mostly better, although now I'm a bit sore.  I did pretty well today!  For the 42 minutes, my overall pace was 11:29, so I think my running pace was about 11 minute miles - a little faster than Tuesday!  Woohoo!  I went 3.66 miles total (and then walked back, but didn't time it or anything this time).  M will be back in town soon, so hopefully we can go running together Monday.

I REALLY need to get back into other forms of exercise.  While I am really enjoying running, I need to do more than just run 2x (or, soon to be 3x) a week.  So, I'm going to spin class tomorrow morning.  I *love* spinning, so as long as I can motivate myself to get up and moving in the morning, it should be great!

 Tonight for dinner I made ITALIAN DELICIOUSNESS, aka chicken panzanella.  Chicken, cheese, tomatoes, Italian flavoring, and Italian style croutons... lots of my favorite ingredients.  I was totally craving something with marinara/tomato sauce too, so this was perfect:
Definitely hit the spot and eased my marinara craving.  Woohoo!


  1. What would you rate the dish? Looks delicious!

  2. I'll call it a 3 1/2 - delicious, worth making again for sure - and easy to do!