Monday, May 3, 2010

cooking, day number 1!

I've just finished up dinner!  Tonight I made Honey-Glazed Chicken  Breasts from the cookbook, and supplemented the chicken with a small side salad of spinach and almonds and some brown rice.  The chicken turned out pretty good - a little bit dry, but the flavor was great!  I think it was dry because the recipe was for 6 chicken breasts and I was only cooking 2, so I should have taken it out earlier.

Along with cooking dinner today, I made Gingered Chicken and Fruit Salad to take for lunch the next two days.  Things I learned while making this salad: (1) NEVER AGAIN will I buy salad stuff from Kroeger, the spinach is not appetizing whatsoever!!  (2) Mangos are hard to cut.  I realized I'd never bought or prepared a mango before.  So that was... a little challenging, haha.  But, hopefully it tastes delicious despite the iffy spinach. (From now on, I know Target produce is pretty good, or if I have to, I can go to Harris Teeter or Whole Foods).

So, 2 meals down, 298 to go, 342 days to get it done!  Tomorrow I'm running with M and then cooking another delicious dish for dinner (which I will probably have with leftover brown rice and some sort of vegetable side).  Now, it's time to get some work done!

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