Wednesday, May 12, 2010

recipe #11

Tonight, I made Feta-Topped Chicken for one of my friends and I.  It's supposed to have tomatoes on top - but she doesn't like tomatoes, and this picture is of her plate.  I swear I'm going to eat something other than rice one of these days.  I bought a sweet potato and a baked potato.  Oh well:
I'm sure she'll comment and tell you -but I say yum!  The chicken was the best cooked chicken I've made so far - it was super juicy!  Yay for broiling things!  Funny, my smoke detector was CONVINCED I was burning something, as it kept going off - but no way, this chicken was juicy and in no way shape or form overcooked.  Note to self: always broil chicken.  I am giving the recipe 3 1/2 stars (yup, I'm busting out half stars now), because the chicken was cooked to perfection, but I didn't find it particularly flavorful or fantabulous - just yummy and basic.  Definitely something I'll make again since the prep was super simple, though!

Not much else to comment on, but I have found some new blogs to follow, and you can see the 5 most recently updated ones on the right hand side of your screen - so go check out what some of my real life friends are doing, and what some impressive people I randomly found online are doing (dress blog = so impressive to me).

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    Seriously. Loved it. :) Would eat it again in a heartbeat and am totally gonna make it myself!