Wednesday, May 12, 2010

recipe #12: chicken enchiladas

I was dying all week to try this out, and wow, it hit the spot.  It calls for green chile salsa, which I have never bought before (though I've had in restaurants or other places) - so yummy.  I got El Pinto brand, right from Kroeger, and it was fantastic! (No - no one pays me to have opinions about food.  But if you know someone who would like to, I could use the cash.)  I will definitely be buying this salsa again!! Here's how they looked:
Totally hit the spot.  I give the taste of the food 5 stars, but the recipe 4 stars (Can I do that?) because I made half the amount of enchiladas with the entire amount of sauce, and still felt like it would have been better had their been more sauce - I wasn't able to fully cover all the enchiladas when they were baking.  More cheese would be good too, but then again, I'm obsessed with  cheese.

Also whipped together a quick version of texas caviar today (mishmash of many recipes, not from the Betty Crocker book) for a friend's birthday party tonight - but it's not pretty enough to be photo worthy :-)

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  1. i love that you are doing a whole cookbook :) so fun!