Monday, May 24, 2010

recipe #25!?!

At Target today, I couldn't help but pick up one of my favorite prepared dishes there: Black Bean Couscous!  I think I'm going to have to try to recreate this at home.  Basically, it's black beans, corn, red pepper, green pepper, couscous, onion, olive oil, lime juice, cilantro, salt, pepper, garlic, cumin powder, and some other stuff.  Can't be too hard right?

Given that I'm headed out of town on Wednesday and I have a ton of leftover lasagna, I decided that this week I will use my last bit of chicken to cook two meals and eat leftovers for the rest of this week.  Just a warning: the cooking is going to sparse for the next two weeks!  I'm going on vacation until June 6th, and it's unclear how many opportunities I will have to cook.  But no worries - because I WILL be keeping up with running.

Tonight, I made a Barb-B-Q Chicken Bake.  I forgot to spray the bottom of the pan first... so of course the crust part stuck to the pan.  Oops.  Other than that, this recipe was pretty good, and very easy.  I don't particularly love the barbeque sauce I bought - so when I run out I'll have to try some other kind.  It wasn't very pretty, but here goes:
Can you believe this was my 25th recipe?  And I have 321 days to go.  I'm glad I got started with more than 300 days, as I think summer travels are going to slow me down quite a bit.  Only one more new recipe this week!  I'm realizing that I need to stop making chicken recipes so frequently... I'm going to finish off the chicken by September and be forced to live a chicken-free existence if I'm not careful!  So, when I get back from vacation I'll have to start diversifying.

Tomorrow, M and I are running - rain or shine - so cross your fingers / hope for / pray for the rain to stop so that we can enjoy our run!  Either way we have to go: if we want to run 10 miles in only 321 days, we are going to have to learn to run in rain, shine, warmth, and cold weather.  More no that tomorrow :-)

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  1. So what went into this bake? Other than the obvious (chicken and BBQ sauce). Looks delish!