Monday, May 17, 2010

#17: my first attempt at making tuna

Today I did my grocery shopping in the torrential downpour - yikes!  I was going to try and go to the gym as well, but it was just raining far too much to bother.  Oh well.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice: a little cloud, a little sun, no rain, and a high of 70!  PERFECT weather for running - I'm so pumped!  My chicken at lunch today was ok - the flavor was good, but it was dry... again.  Oops.  Tonight for dinner I made Orange and Dill Pan-Seared Tuna.  This was my first time ever cooking tuna steaks, so I was a little nervous.  It turned out pretty good, but I probably should have cooked it a little longer than I did.  Luckily, just-barely-cooked tuna is still delicious.  I served it with broccoli, sauteed red onion, and a sweet potato with a little fat-free sour cream:
As you can see, I almost forgot to take a picture, so I had actually already started eating it.  Oops.  I was on the phone while I cooked dinner - which probably contributed to the imperfect cooking time and almost forgetting to take a photo!  Anyway, the tuna tasted quite good, but I couldn't really taste and dill and the orange flavor wasn't that strong - I think because of the way it was cooked.  The tuna was cooked, then removed from the pan, and then red onions, dill, and orange juice were cooked together and poured over the tuna.  So the sauce was fairly runny and it wasn't really cooked into the tuna.  Still yummy, though!  Tomorrow I'm cooking for another friend, L.... and making something I've literally never made before.  I don't even recall ever EATING it before.  Should be interesting!

Also, my very sweet boyfriend got me this awesome apron from his trip to New Orleans.  Very good buy, since I tend to spill crap on myself every time I set foot in the kitchen.  I also got an adorable blue New Orleans music mug, which I drank coffee from this morning:
Hooray for presents, and for a decently cooked tuna.  I have one more tuna steak recipe for later this week - perhaps I can cook that one a bit better :-)

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  1. Cute apron!
    And I hope it stays nice and dry tomorrow so that it is conducive to running.