Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pizza pizza!

Last night, I prepared Veggie Pita Pizza for lunch.  I really, REALLY love pizza, as does my boyfriend, so finding healthy ways to consume pizza is definitely a priority for me.  This was a good and easy start - though not one I can ever see Scott enjoying (he hates almost every vegetable imaginable).  So, first I had to chop up lots of delicious pizza toppings:
Next, I had to modify this recipe so that I could pack it and take it for lunch.  So instead of cooking the pita with everything on top of it, I made pizza in pita pockets!  Sorry the picture isn't the best - it was already packed up.
But after all the chopping, I was in need of a snack.  So I baked a mini pizza on one half of a pita.
It was delicious as a snack AND as lunch for the next day.  For lunch, I just put it in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese.  Yum!

Tonight when I got home for dinner, it was time to pull out my baking stone and try my hand at Family-Favorite Cheese Pizza (note, my recipe says "make fun shapes" out of the cheese - but the one I found online was Halloween-specific). 
The last time I made my own pizza crust, it was delicious but messy.  The crust stuck to the stone, and it was such a pain to scrape off!  This time the, the recipe for the crust was slightly different: instead of Bisquick, sour cream, and water, it was just Bisquick and water.  The crust was much less gooey and much easier to work with. 
I knew I wanted some veggies on the pizza instead of just plain cheese, so I added some mushrooms and olives. Yum!
I also mastered the art of transferring the pizza crust from the wooden cutting board I made it on to the pizza stone, which was heating in the oven.
Then, since I didn't feel like getting down my cookie cutters and instead just put random pieces of sliced American cheese on top instead of fun shapes.
This pizza turned out great!  The crust was delicious, and didn't stick to the stone at all!  And I even had leftovers.
Three days, no meat, and I'm perfectly content :-)

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