Tuesday, September 7, 2010

finally, i cooked.

This morning, M and I ran 2.15 miles at an 11 minute mile pace.  I was pretty happy with myself, seeing as I haven't run in a week.  To be fair, I did hike almost 10 miles over the weekend.  I went to visit my boyfriend on his cross country trip!  You can read about it here - I wrote a guest post on his travel blog!

But, back to this blog.  FINALLY, I cooked something, haha.

Tonight for dinner I made Spinach-Filled Fish Rolls.  I couldn't find any sole or orange roughy, so I picked up some flounder.  It was my first time making flounder myself, but I think I've had it at restaurants in the past.  So, first I put some spinach onto the fish.
Then I wrapped it up and topped it with the sauce
but it looked a little ... lonely!  I needed more vegetables.  So I added spinach all around it to cook.
Finished product - woohoo!  This was delicious, super SUPER easy, super fast to make, and the ingredients were quite basic.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quick recipe who is craving fish!

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