Friday, September 24, 2010

whole foods: beware of (and/or embrace) local vendors.

So, when I went grocery shopping the other week, my normal grocery store had no polenta... meaning in order to make the Baked Polenta with Peperonata Sauce, I had to make a trip to Whole Foods.  Whole Foods is always dangerous: hot bar, presliced delicious fruit, sushi, unique wine and beer!  But this particular day, it was EXTRA dangerous.  There were local vendors.  Of all sorts.  Promoting things THEY had MADE... for me to consume.  First, I had Peggy Rose's hot pepper jelly, served on a cracker with some brie:
So good.  I mean, it was fantastic.  And Peggy Rose was so charming!  So I picked up a jar.  I mean, it was LOCAL and she was THERE and it WON AWARDS:
Whatever, an extra $4-5 onto my grocery bill is no big deal.  Next, I walked by a guy who makes his own biscotti from scratch.
He told me about all the wonderful ingredients.  And how he makes it himself.  Naturally, I had to have some.
Okay, I told myself, you've now spent $9 extra.  You're done.  But then, there was the toffee guy.  Oh. My. Gosh.
These little chocolate truffles, made only a few miles down the road, ARE AMAZING.  $6 for the small package seemed steep, but... I couldn't resist.  So what could have been my cheapest trip to Whole Foods ever, seeing as I ONLY needed a roll of polenta... quickly turned into $19.50.  Oh Whole Paycheck Foods... how I love and hate thee all at the same time.  So, friends, what have we learned?  Whole Foods has delicious, local vendors, ready to sell you their amazing products.  This is both awesome and terrible all at once... and if  you are on a budget (like I am!) you need to beware! Good thing I only end up there about once a month! :-)

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