Thursday, September 16, 2010

thoughts about my running "slump"

I feel like I've been in a running slump lately, and strangely enough, I have seen lots of other bloggers post about "what to do when you have a tough run / tough stretch of runs" and similar topics.  I think mine is pretty explainable: I've had to skip runs, so I've actually only done 4 out of the last 8 runs on my schedule!  So, step one: stick to my plan!  I had some pretty valid reasons for skipping out, but I'm hoping no new obstacles will crop up in the near future!

Second in my potential reasons of why running has been more of a challenge: breakfast!  Or, fuel more generally I guess.  When we first started running in the mornings, I ALWAYS ate breakfast first.  But I found that sometimes my stomach didn't feel great after eating so early and running, and that I just plain wasn't hungry!  So I haven't been eating before my runs lately, and I think it's time to switch it up.  Generally, toast with some jelly or a nutri grain bar seemed to upset my stomach the least, so I'm going to test the waters with those two things first.

I also really need to get serious about cross-training!  This seems daunting since I am barely managing to run three times a week, but I really need to do it!  I said I was going to attend spin class 1-2x per week, and I really have no excuse to not go Monday mornings at 6:15 (being sleepy is NOT that great of an excuse).  And, even if I don't go super early, I have plenty of friends who like spinning who would go with me at a more normal hour too!  Also, some of my friends have recently started doing yoga.  Unfortunately, the class that fit our schedules so well mysteriously got canceled, but I need to make an effort to get to yoga with them, even if it's not the most convenient.  I had initially said that one specific yoga class time wasn't convenient for me because it starts 10 minutes after the class I TA ends.  But the truth is, I spend my day rushing around to ensure that I make it to classes, meetings, and other commitments - so why should my commitment to my health  be any less?  I need to start treating my work out time as if it is as just high on the priority list as going to class and getting my work done.

So, for now I'm going to finish stretching (FYI: I ran 2 miles at an 11:28 pace and every step felt hard), take a shower, and pack my stuff for YOGA for the day.  I hope you found this post at least a little bit inspiring - especially if you needed a push today!

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  1. Yay yoga!!! Also, I'll totally run at the gym with you!