Thursday, August 30, 2012

fall semester begins...

Classes started this week which means the undergrads are back on campus.... which means campus is much noisier, I have more to do, and parking is harder to come by.
Despite my general disdain for undergrads* (I have to teach them, fight them for parking spots, wait in longer lines for my coffee, and deal with their antics in general), there are some benefits.  Perhaps most importantly and relevant to this blog, the dining hall reopens!
Dining hall food here is actually really delicious.  They have delicious Indian, made to order stir fry, the best broccoli cheese soup I've ever tasted, and a very extensive salad bar (sweet potatoes, roasted egg plant, and more!).
Sadly, the dining hall has made some changes this year: they now have the calories for each dish posted right by where you order food.
This has made eating 20 pounds of Indian food considerable more difficult to enjoy.  Stupid nutrition.  I was informed that my favorite meal (which might I add is called a "mini combo") has over 1,000 calories in it.  I can no longer pretend that eating an Indian vegetarian mini combo is healthy.  Jerks.
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*despite my general disdain for undergrads, I have to admit that the ones I work with both in my lab and in the organization I advise are, in general, pretty awesome.
Anyway... a recap or recent workouts:
Thurs. 8/23: Easy Run 3.07 miles, avg. pace 11:06 min/mile.  Started off really tired/worn out and then slowly woke up, so my mile splits are kind of funny:  11:59, 11:21, 10:46, 7:03 (0.07 nubbin).  Definitely needed to warm up before I found my stride, haha.
Fri. 8/25: Walked 3 miles, skipped the strength
Sat. 8/26: Jumping on the trampoline for an hour at Defy Gravity!
Sun. 8/27: 7 mile run with M!
Mon. 8/28: 2.2 miles of treadmill running, broken up by 10 minutes of elliptical in the middle... my calves were pretty sore, so after 1.2 miles I stretched and switched to the elliptical... after feeling better I switched back and ran just one more mile.  I didn't want to overdo it, so I figured 2.2 was enough for the day... plus the ~1 mile walk I had to the car afterwards.
Tues. 8/29: SPIN CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wed. 8/30: Speed work: 0.5 mi warm up, 1.0 mile @ 9:13 pace, 0.5 mi jog, 1.0 mile @ 9.13 pace, 1.0 mile cool (total: 4.0 miles in 40:44 avg. pace 10:11)

In summary, I've been running often but mostly slowly (I can't even imagine PRing in the half right now, but that's a story for another day), and I haven't done any strength training in over a week.
I should probably get back into that.  Whoops.  It's been hard enough to run, though, I don't have leftover energy for strength!  Alas, I know it's good for me / will help me run faster / will help prevent injury... sooo, I need to just force myself to do it!

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