Thursday, August 23, 2012

running update

I'm now ten whole days into half marathon training, so I thought I would update you!
Sorry if you are about to be bored, haha.

Recent Runs:
Mon. 8/13, Easy Run: 3.14 miles, avg. pace 10:47
Wed. 8/15. Farklet: 3.19 miles, avg. pace 11:19
Thurs. 8/16, Easy Run: 2.41 miles avg. pace 11:19
Sat. 8/18 Long Run: 6.0 miles, avg. pace 10:32 (treadmill)
Mon. 8/20 Hill Training: 2.17 miles, avg. pace 10:41
Wed. 8/22 Tempo Run: 4.0 miles, avg pace: 10:21 (treadmill)

...Which totals to 20.91 miles and 3 hours 45 minutes 16 seconds of running in just 10 days!  Huzzah!
As you can see I've been doing a few runs on the treadmill.  Mostly because I've been lazy, slept in, and then discovered it was too hot to do that run outside.
The undergrads are slowly taking over again moving back in, which makes going to the gym interesting.

Anyway, I've also done a few strength workouts:
Sun. 8/21:  arms, legs + abs
Tues. 8/14: arms + abs
Fri. 8/17: Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, level 1
Tues. 8/21: arms + abs

I've been meaning do the 30 day shred more frequently, but I haven't been feeling up to the challenge.  It was harder than I remembered and my runs have been taking a lot out of me, so I've wanted to do something more low key.  I'm hoping that my body is just readjusting to running regularly after a lot of inconsistency, and soon my easy runs will actually feel easy... because right now, I feel like this:
Oh well.  Sorry this post was super boring.  I've been feeling uninspired I guess... too busy with grad school to be an interesting/good blogger.  So, I will leave you with this:
Which of the following is more true:
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