Tuesday, August 28, 2012

we moved, part 1

About 6 weeks ago, Scott and I moved into a bigger place.  It's taken quite some time to get settled, but I wanted to show off some of the new diggs!  First off, we have our dining room: 

We have a beautiful, brand new dining room table and chair set which we were given as a wedding gift.  The place mats you see were also gifts :)
We also got a china cabinet from my mother in law's house that she no longer needed:
The top half has most of our wine and beer glasses, water pitchers, and some nice bowls.  The bottom holds more serving platters and other odds and ends.
We also bought a kitchen server from Classic Treasures, a consignment furniture store in Durham.
The server is serving as my coffee/tea bar, which I absolutely love!  Aaand, all together now:
On the left I have a bookshelf that holds all my cookbooks and lots of odds and ends.  The dining room is decorated with a bunch of paintings I bought in Europe when Susan and I went there the summer after college graduation.

Onto the kitchen!  Don't judge the dirty dishes...

Our kitchen is on the smaller side.  On one side, we have the stove/oven, counter space, the dishwasher, and the sink.  On the other side is the fridge (full with magnets!) and more shelves/drawers.  One of my most favorite parts of my kitchen is the spice rack that Scott built me!
I LOVE IT!  I still need to get more spice jars to fill it out, but I have a pretty good start.  It's so nice to be able to see them all and find whatever I need quickly!
The second project Scott worked on in the kitchen area is also pretty awesome.  There is plenty of space for my kitchen stuff, but there wasn't really enough room for our food.... so he turned our coat closet into a pantry!
Having this humongous pantry is AMAZING.  It is so spacious and I can finally organize all of our foodstuff and actually find what I'm looking for!

Hope you've enjoyed part 1 of my "tour my new house" segment.  It might be a while before part 2 (and beyond?) come out, as the rest of our house isn't quite as well organized and decorated yet!

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