Thursday, August 9, 2012

camp weekend, part 2: fun in the sun

As I said Tuesday, every summer, we invite all of our friends to the lake for a long weekend, named "Here's to Good Friends" - a tradition started by my husband's parents in the 80s, paused for a period of time in the late 90s, and resumed by Scott in 2000.  This year was lucky #13 for our generation, and it did not disappoint!  Here are some (non-food-related) snapshots from the weekend:

Ahhh life at the lake.

Beautiful, right?  I meant to take more pictures than I did, but rest assured that there was lots of swimming, boating, kayaking, picnicking on rock islands, and other shenanigans...

I also went for many walks (and a few runs):

And had campfires nearly every night (mmm s'mores!):

There may or may not have been a game of True American played...

Overall, and amazing weekend with awesome friends.

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