Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quick running update

Whoa, I'm getting to be a bad blogger.  Sorry!!! School is hectic.  I do want to keep blogging but... we'll see how it goes.

I STILL have not done strength training.  It's now been, uhh... 3 weeks?  Yikes.  I really super duper promise I'm going to try to start that this week.  Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays - SOME sort of strength.

I have been sticking relatively closely with my running plan (see below).  Last week we did a tempo run, with the goal of running 9:30 pace for 2 miles - and managed to keep them around 9:45.  Not perfect, but given how exhausted I was that morning, I'm proud of myself.  We also ran 9 miles this weekend, and it felt REALLY good.  The last 1.5 miles my knees started to be a bit sore, but otherwise it was great!

Then, the most GLORIOUS THING EVER happened on Monday.
It became fall.  Beautiful, amazing, fall.  The humidity is no longer at 100%.  I can walk outside comfortably. I come back from runs sweaty, but not drenched!!! I missed my morning run and got to make it up OUTDOORS! at 7pm tonight.  Oh man, it was the sweetest 3.25 miles I have run in quite some time.  Dear Weather Gods, PLEASE KEEP IT UP.

Wish I had more to say buuuuuut it's past my bedtime! Ciao blogland :)

Recent Workouts:
8/31: 5 mile run, avg. pace 10:55 (treadmill)
9/1: i was at a wedding... i danced?
9/2: i drove ~8 hours to get home from said wedding
9/3: i recovered from said drive and/or was lazy (with regards to working out - labor day is NOT a holiday here so i had a full day at work).
9/4: 2.09 mile run, avg. pace 11:40 plus 1 hr spin class
9/5: 3.4 mile run, avg. pace 10:30 (tempo run)
9/6: 2.42 mile run, avg. pace 11:57
9/7: much needed rest day
9/8: 9.07 mile run, avg. pace 11:21
9/9: much needed rest day
9/10: 3.25 mile run, avg. pace 10:38

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