Friday, September 21, 2012

what do these things have in common....

what do the following things have in common?
lots of water
gummy vitamins

hot tea


vitamin water with vitamin c and zinc

fuze with 200% DV vitamin c

hot soup (preferably hot & sour)

if you guessed "things you consume when you are sick", you win.

tuesday night i suddenly noticed that my throat was quite sore.  i had two cups of hot tea, an orange, some vitamins, and went to bed.  wednesday i worked from home (when you work with BMT patients, you do NOT go in when you are sick!) and continued with hydration + vitamin c.  thursday, i thought i was feeling better... my throat stopped hurting as much, but now i am extremely congested.  cue me finding every beverage sold in my office that contains vitamin c.  i think it's just a cold - perhaps with a mild fever, but man, it's annoying!

what are your go-to foods/beverages/regimens when you are sick? hot and sour soup (very spicy) is one of my favorites.  i also really love fuze drinks and vitamin water - not something i get often ($2? it's mostly water!) but when i'm sick and need the vitamin c/zinc it's nice to get.

here's to hoping that when y'all read this i'm feeling much better....

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  1. And as a nurse, you don't go to work when sick...right? Still trying to convince myself of that.

    I've been drinking lots of tea, which is expensive since I packed all my mugs and tea, therefore end up going to Starbucks. $3??? I can make it for 25cents! First world problems...