Tuesday, September 25, 2012

weekly training update #...

So, while much of the country is experiencing 'fall' and target.com is guiding me to 'cool weather running clothes', here in Durham I think we have several more weeks of running in shorts and t-shirts.  Therefore, I decided to share with you some of my new purchases!  (So, it's like fashion Friday, but it's Tuesday, and it's workout clothes?)
C9 Champion Athletic Shorts

C9 Champion Bermuda Shorts
I recently bought both of these shorts at Target, and both are C9 Champion brand.  I have run in both of them multiple times (and worn them to spinning), and I'm pretty happy!  The shorter shorts are just long enough for me... I don't know about other people, but I can NOT run in super short shorts (chafing is the wooorst).  That's why the Bermuda shorts are probably my new favorite thing!  I also can't run in really loose shorts (same issue!), so these more fitted styles are perfect ofr me.
I tried on some compression shorts, but they were actually extremely see through and I didn't want to buy shorts to wear underneath other shorts - counterproductive in the heat!
Anyway, I still need to build up my collection of workout clothes, but these will be great additions to the rotation for the next several weeks, until it cools off.  I probably need to pick up a few more pairs of Bermuda shorts - I have surprisingly few running shorts.

Anyway, I have been trying to write running/training updates every Tues, and I feel like I should start numbering these... but I have no sense of how many weeks I've been doing a weekly (or quasi-weekly) update of my workouts/runs.  Looking back at the titles of posts, I think I've done about four, so I will deem this weekly training updated #5.

Hopefully I can keep these weekly posts entertaining enough for people to actually want to read them.  Either way, I think it's useful for me to document how my runs/workouts are going, so I think I will get in the habit or recapping the prior week's workouts each Tuesday.

This week was a little wonky.... as I posted on Friday, I was sick for part of last week, and that definitely altered my workout schedule. Also, my favorite spin teacher (who normally only teaches Tuesday) subbed for a class Thursday, so I decided to replace my Thursday 'easy run' with spin class.

Mon. 9/17 - skipped my planned easy run, took an extra rest day - kinda felt sick, kinda was being lazy
Tues. 9/18 - made up my easy run with a 2 mile run on the treadmill (avg. pace 10:50).  Also did my regularly scheduled strength training and a 1 hour spin class.  SUPER intensive workout day, but it was great!
Wed. 9/19 - the plan was speed work in the AM (4 mile tempo run, 2 miles @ 9:20), but i felt terrible for most of the day.  finally in the afternoon i felt okay, so i decided to run in the evening and 'just see how i felt'. i ended up going 3.1 miles: 1 mile warm up at 10:55, then 2 faster miles - 9:07 and 9:17 - finishing strong with a 0.1 nubbin at 8:49.  so uhh, we'll call that a tempo run without a cool down?
Thurs 9/20 - usually i'd do an easy run on thursday, but instead i went to spinning! awesome class.
Fri. 9/21 - stretch / rest, and totally failed to do a second strength work out
Sat. 9/22 - i had 11 miles planned for this weekend... but i was still sick and it never happened.  womp womp.
Sun. 9/23 - continued rest from being sick

Although missing my long run was a huge bummer, I think I'm finally almost 100% better.  So, hopefully the rest, vitamin C and zinc has cured me and now I can return to regularly scheduled runs!

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