Friday, August 26, 2011


Yesterday I overslept and didn't go running and I felt lazy and terrible about it all day.  Luckily M was free and feeling better in the evening so we went for a run.  We decided to do 4 miles around West Campus.  It was HOT and humid, way worse than in the mornings.  Note to self: only run in the morning until ~October.  Without really meaning to for the most part, we ran REALLY FAST.  Our average pace was somewhere around 10:17.  I kind of wanted to keel over and die at the end, but in a good, satisfied kind of way.  It's good to have hard runs!

We have an 8 mile long run this weekend, which is supposed to be on Saturday, but apparently Irene is going to bring us rain and 25-35mph winds.  I'm on the fence.  I've actually never run in the rain before, but I'm not opposed.  I just think that 8 miles spent outside in windy rain might be miserable.  It's hypothetically going to clear up on Sunday, so we'll see what makes the most sense.

I'm a bit of a sports fanatic.  Especially when it comes to the Redskins.  I think there are only 5 people who read my blog, and I think all of 5 you don't care about the Redskins... but I'm going to give you my play-by-play thoughts on the game anyway, because it's my blog and I'll write what I want.  Here was my live reaction the game:

1st quarter
1. deangelo hall is the SHIT. interception return for a touchdown = love.
2. omg FIGHT?  ... no penalties? meh okay.
3. f YES reed doughty defense awesomeness
4. i heart our defense
5. i dunno.. play #1 with beck > sexy rexy.. he might be getting the edge for the QB position
6.  alright forreal i'm in love with hightower.  in LOVE.  my fiance's nickname is hightower. i don't care that he likes the patriots.  we are getting him a hightower jersey asap.
7.  "there's a new vibe and i can feel it" -announcer.  yessss. maybe the redskins won't break my hear this year!
8.  ryan kerrigan sack? i like you rookie.

2nd quarter
9.  jim haslett and i might just get along this year.
10.  yes, brian orakpo, i do still love you.
11.  sack.. ouch.. shoulda gotten rid of that beck.  lucky break on the defensive holding.
12.  oh rookie kerrigan, behave.
13.  the ravens look good all of the sudden. sigh.
14.  finally i have fast forwarded my way to real time! (instead of dvr delay)
15. sexy rexy... not looking so hot.  but then again, the o line might be at least partially to blame...
16.  "false start... offense... the entire offensive line."  haha! don't think i've ever heard that one before.
17.  kevin barnes! go TERPS! i love when terps become redskins.
18.   sexy rexy looking much hotter all of the sudden... what to make of all of this?
19.  this rule.. i do not understand.  he had possession in the end zone and then lost possession but he had already crossed the plain.  what is that?
20.  touchdown!!! thank god, after those incompletes!

3rd quarter
21.  dear self, it's our 2nd string D vs. their first string offense.  it's totally okay.
22. dear john beck, interceptions when you play vs. the 2nd string are not good.
23.  "above the neck intelligence."  lovely way to describe our QBs.
24.  oh hey john beck, one day, i might love you... reserving judgment for now though...
25.  "i've seen enough, i'm going on record tonight, that's the starting quarterback right there.  john beck.  he impresses me." - announcer.  i think most of the Skins nation is leaning towards agreeing with you...

4th quarter
26.  Tyrod Taylor!! Wooo! (my fiance went to VT so we like him.  too bad he's wearing the wrong color).
27.  .... i got bored and stopped paying attention.
28. Damn. We lost.  Oh wait it's the preseason, I don't REALLY care.

Other sports notes:
-22 is not a baseball score.  wtf. i HATE the yankees.
-Miami football: this is probably mean and self-centered but as a Terp alum I just hope those starters are all out for our Sept. 5th game against them!  More broadly: was it douchy for Nevin Schapiro to call out Miami just because he's in jail?  Yes.  No one likes a tattle tale.  That being said, I'm 99% these players are guilty of accepting improper benefits, and I'm sure they all knew it was wrong... so they deserve whatever punishment they get, most likely ineligibility in college sports.  On the other hand, I would estimate that well over 50% of current NCAA Division 1 football players receive improper benefits.  It's time for the NCAA to overhaul how they treat their athletes.  I'm not say we should pay them, but there is so little incentive to stay in college sports once you are eligible for professional drafts, and many of these athletes are trying to support families.  Something needs to be done.  I don't have any suggestions.

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