Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter break review

I'm alive!  I was fortunate enough to be able to take three weeks off over the break.  During my break, I ran ... zero times and cooked... twice!

Meal #1 was Shrimp Bow-tie Casserole.  I made this for my mom, dad, and I right before Christmas.
It was a little soupy, but otherwise good.  Except I made one fatal error.  I had gone to the grocery store for my parents and gotten onion soup mix as well as ranch dressing mix.  And then, when it was time to make the sauce, somehow I ended up using the ranch dressing instead of the onion soup.  So the flavor (while still enjoyable) wasn't qiute... right.  Haha.  Will have to try this one again.

After Christmas, while we were in Maine, I cooked Scott, his cousin, and myself dinner.  On the menu: Easy Turkey Club Pie.  This was a very delicious Scott-friendly meal: no veggies, lots of meat and cheese.

In other news, over Christmas, I got a very exciting gift from my parents... NEW POTS AND PANS!  I am super excited about them, because they are everything I want.  Stainless steel with clear glass lids.

Now that I'm back home, I will be resuming the running and regular cooking... but with a slight twist.  Stay tuned for more details :-)

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